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August 17, 2015

Sunday as the name itself suggests is a day full of ease, relaxation and literally basking in the Sun.

However, with a daily walk-in record of about 70,000 and counting, Sundays at AlphaOne, Ahmedabad were anything but that! Each Sunday I would reach AlphaOne and start feverishly looking out for the next new challenge to emerge. Parking, traffic, maintenance and the daily activities and check-lists that are a pre-requisite of a world-class city centre, all ensured that we remain on our toes at all times. Even the increasing footfalls, which are music to my ears, came with their new set of challenges, especially over Sundays. Each week I would plan meticulously for the coming Sunday only to come up a bit short on something on the day.

So the double whammy of Christmas and Sunday together seemed a monumental mountain that would require all our resources if we were to scale that mountain successfully. But 25th December 2011 strengthened my belief as it brought me face to face with a Team that does not budge from their individual and collective tasks.

There were many stirring scenes that are etched in my memory like the parking force clearing each scaffold to make space for one more car, the administrative executive with a houseman removing the errant pipes from the basement, the food court houseman mopping away and smiling at the swirling crowds around him, the AGM of Technical marshalling the parking of cars, the Operations Head welcoming each car at the entry while it was being checked by Security, the Security SO and Operations Executive standing at the entry gates controlling the traffic flow, the Housekeeping Executives motivating their team to clean the top of the dustbins scarred with a pan spit, the Operations Manager and the Technical Engineers standing at the Exit to ensure trouble free exit of cars and scooters, the Food Court Head diplomatically handling the swirling crowds, the Technician responding to the call to start the stalled Escalator with a confident urgency, the smiling CRE directing the inquiries with polite crispness and the prompt and clear voices answering the call of HOD’s on the walky.

As I roamed among the smiling and eager multitude of visitors, I met the Principal Secretary of Tourism, Shri Vipul Mittra and the Executive Director of Adani Group, Shri Pranav Adani with his wife and son, thoroughly appreciating and enjoying the AlphaOne Experience.

When I walked into the empty basement office at 8 pm, I felt a warm glow of peace and happiness.

Yes, individually we may not be perfect or infallible.

But as a TEAM we possess something extraordinarily rare – A POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

An Attitude that states that no failure, no obstacle or no limitation (human or technological) can stop us from achieving the stated goal of “Establishing AlphaOne, Ahmedabad, as the Ultimate Shopping & Entertainment Destination, delivering consistently superior experience and something special har baar to each Customer”

Any journey begins with a single step and I am proud to say that Team AlphaOne, Ahmedabad, took a giant step on Sunday, 25th December 2011. No quantification can define this step, yet the INR 1 crore sales milestone crossed on this day is surely an indicator.

I am personally honoured and privileged to be a part of Team AlphaOne, Ahmedabad. And I salute each and every member of this glorious Team.